So we made it through one week of the iPad distribution.  The technology problems have been dealt with but not solved, and everyone seems to be adapting.  Students who do not even know me have come to me as a problem solver!  
The Internet limits have been the biggest problem.  It appears that our sever has 250 IP addresses at any one time.  There are about 500 iPads at school and growing.  So many students, and teachers, have not been able to get onto the Internet.  It has been a limited problem in classes since many teachers are not relying on the iPad yet.  The students are playing games constantly- in the hall, in class, at lunch, creating much of the problem.  In addition, the students are still able to access Facebook and are doing so in class.  I took my first iPad away for going on Facebook in class.  I took it to the office with a note of whose it was and what the situation was.  I hope the students catch on quick that Facebook will not be allowed in class.  Hopefully it will be filtered out again; certainly if the problem continues, I hope.
Tomorrow the cadre teachers are meeting after school to create a school list of rules.  It started with a few teachers and the idea grew- I think it is a great one.  I plan to create a Google Doc of the ones we have so far and invite these teachers to edit it; once we have a list we can open it up to all.  A few of these teachers have been wanting to try Google Docs so I thought this would be a great start on that too.  I can then follow up with them later.  That document can be viewed here.


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