It has been an incredibly busy time at school!  I have been busy each day helping students register their iPad onto the Air Watch.  This will enable the district to locate any iPad if it is lost or stolen, in addition to the coverage provided through Apple.  Slowly, slowly, most of my students' parents have enrolled in the iPad program and given permission.  Each day, a few more students receive their iPads, until now nearly all of them have one.  The downside- I am constantly needing to monitor what the students are doing on their iPad.  I take nearly one every class period, but now the students understand that I mean it when I say "Go no where other than where I ask you to go".  I have not found too many on games or Facebook; the word has spread among my students that I will not allow it in my classroom.
I gave my first Edmodo online quiz last Friday.  We got laptops for students without an iPad. The good news- it was easily graded by the computer and I quickly input it into my online gradebook.  The bad news- because the laptop screen is more of a "hidden" view for me as the teacher, I feel (but have no proof) that some students with laptops were searching online for answers.  Their scores were outside of the normal for most students, particularly those who used laptops.  Lesson learned- from now on when we have a quiz I will have paper copies for anyone without a working iPad.  In general, I feel that Edmodo has limited use for true assessment.  Students can refer back to the discussions we have online, all students get the same questions at the same time, or I must create new tests for each class (which I did).  I have a few apps to try that I think may randomize the questions within a class, thus making it more secure.

I have been helping teachers every day with troubleshooting, idea sharing, applications for classrooms, etc.  The conversations are useful for us all; we share what we know and everyone is freely offering tips on what they are doing in class.  My school is full of ideas and enthusiasm with the program.  We had an open house night last week; I showcased for parents a sampling of the Glogs, Edmodo discussions,and podcasts we have done in class.  I also helped some parents with resources for using their student's iPad for their own use as well, such as checking grades and  content.  I feel that my internship will continue long past the time I am "finished"!


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