On Wednesday I held a session on simple iPad apps that can be used in classes where thte teacher does not have to have an iPad.  Interestingly, I had 4 teachers that had not attended one of my sessions before.  They were very excited to learn; each had used an iPad before but only limited apps.  They were all as impressed as I had been with how easy QR readers are to use and to create a code.  Then we tried Doodle Buddy, Idea Sketch and Flash Cards Plus.  All are so easy to use with students and students can use them at home without internet (if the flash cards are downloaded at school).  We talked at length about making sure that the students download what they need at school, but what a great opportunity for homework assignments that might actually get completed at home- use flash cards, create a graphic organizer.....the possibilities are endless.  
At the end, we discussed what direction I should continue my internship in.  There is quite a bit of interest in the accessibility features of the iPad itself and Pages- apparently the special ed teachers have not received any training in this even though the students have had their iPads since October.  I think that I will spend the next couple of weeks working with these 2 groups of teachers to raise their comfort levels with what we have done so far.  Target date for iPads for students is Feb. 9!


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