My first session on Edmodo was a huge success.  There were 8 teachers and 2 administrators in attendance last Thursday afternoon.  I showed them the work of my 2nd period class from last year, so that they could see how the students grew in their writing while being engaged in writing.  I also shared the drawbacks I have found, such as changing the code frequently and deleting inappropriate posts.  Everyone was very interested- Edmodo appears to be an easy way for students to turn in work once they all get their iPads.  I have a few more people interested that could not attend.  I will try to catch up with them next week.  In the last week, the 8th grade teachers have used Edmodo to give a quiz.  I am not sure how much they are using the blogging feature but they have been very happy with using it.  I plan to follow up with them next week to see if they have any questions or need more help, but most seem to be pre


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