It has been an incredibly busy month.  I have been working with individuals trying to help them navigate the iPad and Edmodo as well as trying to plan engaging lessons for my own students.  Many of the 8th grade teachers are now using Edmodo regularly in their classes; they have created several quizzes each and used them in class.  I had a particularly successful lesson with an Edmodo discussion which I have shared with many staff members. 
This past week I held a PD session on the accessibility features that come on the iPad and within Pages.  Many of our students can use the extra assistance of Speak Selection and Speak Auto-Text.  I myself use Speak Auto-Text.  In attendance were teachers of both core class and Special Educators.  We all played with VoiceOver for a while and talked about how it could be very helpful with longer text such as books, but leaving it on constantly could become very frustrating for the student.
This session was particularly engaging for the participants and myself because although the special education students have had an iPad since October, I was able to share with their teachers tools that they can use with their students.  Unfortunately, the students were given the iPad but the teachers were not given adequate training.  I did not realize that until just recently, or I would have been able to help them earlier 
I have thought about this internship for a long time.  When I was at Harper's Choice, I had a plan.  When I decided to move, I had to change that plan.  Then, when McAllen ISD announced the TLC3 plan, I changed my idea again.  Now that the iPads are finally a reality (they are being delivered to the school tomorrow!) I am ready to begin.  The staff seems excited to have me ready to help them and I am hoping to have staff from all grade levels and all levels of staff participate at one time or another.  I will spend all day tomorrow at training for members of the cohort- after that I will adjust my initial plan to fit in with the distrct's ideas.  I am ready!