On Wednesday I held a session on simple iPad apps that can be used in classes where thte teacher does not have to have an iPad.  Interestingly, I had 4 teachers that had not attended one of my sessions before.  They were very excited to learn; each had used an iPad before but only limited apps.  They were all as impressed as I had been with how easy QR readers are to use and to create a code.  Then we tried Doodle Buddy, Idea Sketch and Flash Cards Plus.  All are so easy to use with students and students can use them at home without internet (if the flash cards are downloaded at school).  We talked at length about making sure that the students download what they need at school, but what a great opportunity for homework assignments that might actually get completed at home- use flash cards, create a graphic organizer.....the possibilities are endless.  
At the end, we discussed what direction I should continue my internship in.  There is quite a bit of interest in the accessibility features of the iPad itself and Pages- apparently the special ed teachers have not received any training in this even though the students have had their iPads since October.  I think that I will spend the next couple of weeks working with these 2 groups of teachers to raise their comfort levels with what we have done so far.  Target date for iPads for students is Feb. 9!
On Monday I held a session for very basic skills- how to turn it on, manage the settings, and check the recently used apps to check on what the students have been doing.  There were only 3 teachers in attendance- several cancelled at the last minute- but they were so appreciative of the help.  We used the iPad cart so that they could have a hands-on experience.  None of them have used an iPad but would like to become familiar with it and use it in their classes.  I think that this is the group where I can make a big difference- they want to learn.
My first session on Edmodo was a huge success.  There were 8 teachers and 2 administrators in attendance last Thursday afternoon.  I showed them the work of my 2nd period class from last year, so that they could see how the students grew in their writing while being engaged in writing.  I also shared the drawbacks I have found, such as changing the code frequently and deleting inappropriate posts.  Everyone was very interested- Edmodo appears to be an easy way for students to turn in work once they all get their iPads.  I have a few more people interested that could not attend.  I will try to catch up with them next week.  In the last week, the 8th grade teachers have used Edmodo to give a quiz.  I am not sure how much they are using the blogging feature but they have been very happy with using it.  I plan to follow up with them next week to see if they have any questions or need more help, but most seem to be pre
Tomorrow is my first session!  People at school have been asking me about it, are planning on coming...I have no idea how many.  I have had a sore throat, so I am hoping my voice holds out!  I decided to start with Edmodo since I have done it before and there has been lots of discussion at school about it.  I updated my presentation from last summer and set up a new page, so I am ready to go!  I even have sweet and salty snacks to last me until whenever.  There has been lots of enthusiasm so I am hopeful that all goes well.  
I have thought about this internship for a long time.  When I was at Harper's Choice, I had a plan.  When I decided to move, I had to change that plan.  Then, when McAllen ISD announced the TLC3 plan, I changed my idea again.  Now that the iPads are finally a reality (they are being delivered to the school tomorrow!) I am ready to begin.  The staff seems excited to have me ready to help them and I am hoping to have staff from all grade levels and all levels of staff participate at one time or another.  I will spend all day tomorrow at training for members of the cohort- after that I will adjust my initial plan to fit in with the distrct's ideas.  I am ready!